Miniature Golf:
Even though the initial forecast for Sunday showed 100% chance of thunderstorms, the only lightening we saw came from the sparks of all the hole-in-one balls many battle teams made.
It was a glorious morning for miniature golf. Even though the competition was fierce (and we wouldn’t expect anything less). Our favorite part was seeing members from different teams
encouraging each other and giving each other tips and tricks on how to get that hole-in-one.

While The Trails course was full of joy and colorful battle shirts, these teams snuck in and swept the top three positions: Reynolds & Reynolds Diesel came in 1st place with a whopping 166 combined score. Premier Health took 2nd with 171 and McGohan Brabender was not far behind in 3rd place with a team score of 172.

2017 Miniature Golf Results

Swimming & Inner Tube Relays:
After a Sunday afternoon nap, and/or a few cups of coffee, Battle of the Businesses continued with Swimming and Inner Tube. Our favorite part of the evening was seeing all the battle teams,
put their intense competition aside for a minute, to loudly cheer for their new best friends, the Special Olympics team. After that minute was over, the battle continued.

Reynolds & Reynolds Nitro used their “Nitro” to claim 1st place in both swimming and inner tube, with a blazing fast 1:22.69 swim and 2:18.66 inner tube times. LexisNexis swam their way into 2nd place at 1:26.90, while Reynolds & Reynolds Diesel used those Diesel engines to claim 2nd place for inner tube, clocking in at 2:24.97. CareSource was not far behind, taking 3rd place in both swimming and inner tube, with 1:28.86 swim and 2:25.45 inner tube times.

2017 Swimming Relay Results
2017 Inner Tube Relay Results

With that, we end a wonderful and eventful Battle weekend. Not counting volleyball (yet), we tallied the scores for this weekend’s events (mini-golf, swimming and inner tube).

So far, Reynolds & Reynolds Nitro is in overall 1st place with 290 team points. Their brother (or sister) team Reynolds & Reynolds Diesel is in 2nd place, only 10 points behind, with 280 points. Finally, LexisNexis is in 3rd place saying “I’m coming for you Reynolds” with 260 points.

See you tonight at 6pm at West Carrolton High School for the volleyball final four. Come join us and cheer on your favorite team, (or cheer for all of them so you can’t lose!!!). Either way, see you then!
2017 Overall Results - Thru Sunday 6-4-17