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CEO Water Balloon Toss

June 10, 2023


A team’s company CEO or Upper Manager is invited to participate in this event. Participation per team is two (2) managers. Any female/male combination may participate. Individuals participating in this event need not be on your original 30 team roster. They do need to be on your team roster if they plan to compete in other events.

Upper Management has no true definition. It is the decision of each team who is ‘upper management’ within their company. This event is presented as an opportunity for local business leaders to become personally involved in the Battle of the Businesses and to view the magnitude of this corporate competition.

It is strongly encouraged that both participants meet the loose definition of CEO presented above. If that is not possible, a CEO/Coach combination is acceptable.

The 2 CEOs will face each other and stand 5 feet apart to start with. One CEO will have a standardized water balloon in hand. On the command, the CEO will toss the water balloon to their partner. The balloon must travel the required distance through the air. If the balloon breaks, that company is out of the competition. The gap between the CEOs is widened before each subsequent throw and the receiver now becomes the thrower. The remaining companies continue in the same manner as described above until the winners are determined.


If the balloon hits the ground but does not break, that team is allowed to continue. Balloons that leak due to material defect can be replaced between throws. It is the judges’ decision whether there is a material defect or the leak was due to the throwing style or a previous drop.


June 10, 2023