About Battle

The Battle of the Businesses is the number one fundraiser for Special Olympics of Greater Dayton. In the past three years, the Battle of the Businesses, on behalf of the participating companies, has donated to the Special Olympics of Greater Dayton on average over $70,000.00 annually.

Teams representing over thirty Dayton-area businesses compete in 12 coed sporting events over the course of eight days. Teams gain points in each event based on their overall placement versus other businesses. The events range from volleyball to miniature golf to track sprint. There’s something for everyone!

The Board of Directors and Executive Staff express their thanks and appreciation to all of the volunteers who make the Battle of the Businesses successful.

We would also like to thank all of the Battle of the Businesses Teams for all of their hard work to help support the Greater Dayton area Special Olympics. You are the ones who make the Battle of the Businesses the success that it is.