Team Rosters – Layout 3

Roster Instructions

The roster keeps both the team coach and the Battle staff informed of whom is to participate in each Battle event.

Remember that each team is only permitted 30 participants.

Roster Instructions:

  1. Write the names of your team members on the roster sheet. You may list them in any order, but some teams have found that it is easier for everyone if you list the males and females separately.
  2. Markthe participantsineachevent.Mostcoachesusean”X”,butagainthisisonlyasuggestion.Someteamsuseseparatemarksformalesandfemales.Anyway youchooseto markthemisfine,aslongasitisclear.
  3. A male and female alternate may be assigned for each event. Distinguish the alternates by using an “A” in the event column.
  4. Make a copy of your roster for your future reference. The original MUST be turned in at the Sand Volleyball competition.

Substitution Rules:

  • A Substitution Card must be fill out to substitute for a scheduled participant or alternate. It is NOT necessary to fill out a Substitution Card if you are going to use one of the alternates designated for that event.
  • Once a substitution is made, the substitute must complete the event.
  • Substitutions are not allowed once an event has begun. Please refer to the Sand Volleyball and Tug-of-War rules for specific substitution instructions for those events.
  • Substitution Cards will be available at the information desk at all events.